• Had a bad experience with another recruiter. How will you provide a better experience? Path 4 Created with Sketch.

    We strive to provide a positive search experience each and every time. We take the time to get to know you personally and ensure that an opportunity is really a good fit for you and your family. Before you visit an opportunity in person, you will have extensive knowledge of the practice and community amenities. All of the practice opportunities we represent have been researched through an on-site profile evaluation by one of our experienced recruiters. We travel out to all of the facilities we represent to meet with the decision makers to ensure that all of the pieces are in place so that a new physician coming into the community will be able to establish a busy, successful practice. We also tour the communities and hospitals in order to gather the most accurate information to present to you in order for you to determine whether or not the position would be a good fit. Our candidates find that we help them out each step of the way by providing them with in-house travel assistance, comprehensive interview itinerary and location information, and contract knowledge and negotiations. We are here to work as a liaison between you and the recruiting facility to make sure that you receive the best possible offer.

  • How are you qualified to represent physicians and practice opportunities? Path 4 Created with Sketch.

    We conduct an on-site “profile” of each and every opportunity before proceeding with representation. This allows the recruiter to get a good look at an opportunity from a professional viewpoint, it also allows time to meet them personally and find out who they really are. This profile is very powerful in preparing a recruiter to represent a facility with credibility.In addition, our professionals are well-versed in the industry. Our rigorous learning opportunities include even our most seasoned consultants. We are trained on a weekly and monthly basis by outside consultants specializing in health care management, Stark and Immigration law, malpractice, specialty-specific issues, and customer service.

  • Will our conversations be confidential? Path 4 Created with Sketch.

    Yes, Delta Physician Placement follows national guidelines that honor confidentiality. We will only forward your information to facilities which you have approved.

  • I am not graduating for another year. Is it too early to begin my search? Path 4 Created with Sketch.

    It is never too soon to begin your job search, and one year out is the perfect time to start. It usually takes approximately three to six months to get a state license, and three months to receive privileging and insurance plans.

  • I am not sure what kind of practice I am interested in. What is the easiest way to learn about all of the opportunities that your firm represents and choose which one suits me the best? Path 4 Created with Sketch.

    Let the recruiter consult you on your needs and then help you choose the most fitting opportunities.  Then choose two or three with the firm and interview.

  • Why don’t you put the locations of your practice opportunities in your advertising? Path 4 Created with Sketch.

    There are several reasons:Our clients hire us to pre-qualify candidates to ensure that they meet all their requirements.Clients cannot manage the volume of calls that we receive in response to their opportunities.We are a national search firm representing opportunities across the U.S. Once we know what is important to you, we can connect you with options and locations that meet your needs.

  • How long does it take to get a state license? Path 4 Created with Sketch.

    The timeframe to obtain a license varies from state to state and from individual to individual.  Based on your current license situation and the state to which you are applying, licensure can take anywhere from two weeks to eight months.  We will consult with you to determine a more accurate timeframe, and we can help facilitate professional services specializing in new licensure and greatly reduce the time it takes to gather all the information the licensing board will need.

  • Why did the facility need to hire you to find a physician? Path 4 Created with Sketch.

    Hospitals, groups and even small practices hire us for a number of reasons.  Recruiting is a full-time job, and many facilities do not have the resources to dedicate to a quality physician search.  For this reason, facilities outsource the search in the same way they outsource other things they are not equipped to handle successfully.  In addition, we are in tune with the market and better equipped to consult both facilities and candidates throughout the process.  Every facility is in direct competition for the same physician candidates, so it is in their best interest to have a professional on their team to champion their cause.

  • The opportunity you advertised seems too good to be true. What’s the catch? Path 4 Created with Sketch.

    Our search consultants evaluate each new search opportunity on-site before we advertise it.  We construct the advertisement to communicate the features of the practice and the community.  While completing the profile, the search consultant is also searching for potential negative aspects of the practice opportunity.  These negatives will be presented to you directly while the search representative verbally makes a presentation of the opportunity.  There is no catch.

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